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In his science fiction novel, The King’s Pawn, Aaron Hanania takes the reader into a world in which the norms of human dignity and life are taken to the extreme. A scientist creates a revolutionary experiment, The King’s Pawn, in which the two teenage participants are unaware of the roles in which they play in what is expected to be a perfect world. The scientist soon discovers that her methodically controlled society creates unforeseen tensions and ominous uncertainty for the unknowing participants, while at the same time, bringing her unimaginable profits, fame and power.

What the scientist doesn’t expect is that the power of human curiosity can overcome any barrier, experimental boundary or expectation. The two teenagers in The King’s Pawn play a critical role after discovering that they have unrestricted control over the experiment’s outcome.

The future of this unusual experiment rests in their hands, creating thrilling and unexpected consequences.


During his Sophomore year of high school, Hanania was fascinated by the human brain. He often wondered what young teenagers would do if they were given complete control of their own life. He was so moved by the idea that he took to his phone’s notes app and began to answer his own question. On Friday, October 26th of 2016, he began to write the book. After just one week, he had written the first two chapters. He would spend the following year and a half writing and revising the piece. By the end of the writing and publishing process, Hanania had spent three-hundred+ hours of down time to create the book.

“When you think methodically and realize that you could either play a game on your phone or spend that time writing, you find that you can be extremely productive.”

Aaron Hanania

After publishing the novel in May of 2018, Hanania appeared at various bookstores, schools and other events to promote the novel while also speaking to audiences about the power of written communication. In addition, Hanania gave presentations to various student groups about how taking advantage of one’s time can lead to incredible outcomes.

“The goal of any presentation of mine is to inform and inspire. I hope that when someone hears my story, it inspires them to set out to create a story, whether literal or figurative, of their own.”

Aaron Hanania

In June of 2019, Hanania was invited to participate in the acclaimed Printer’s Row Lit Fest, one of the largest annual book events. There, he was able to meet and network with various authors, readers and publishers.

Hanania began his first year of college September of 2019. He immediately decided to minor in creative writing because he wanted to learn more about the writing process.

Additional works

He has written one other novel, that may be released in the future.

“I had planned to release a thriller about a mysterious infection that spreads around San Francisco, titled ‘The Outbreak’ but as I was making my final edits, a legitimate global infection spread around. I decided that it was best not to release a novel about a pandemic whilst living through one.”

Aaron Hanania

In addition to novels, Hanania actively writes and performs poems. He often centers them around abstract concepts such as outer space, time and emotions. He is currently working on his next book which will consist of his poetic compositions.

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