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Digital fan art made for Aaron by a follower.

When he is not making a video, interacting with his audience, doing research or sleeping, Hanania collaborates with various companies, startups, apps, organizations and individuals. He offers them an opportunity to grow on social media by teaching them how to establish a following on social media platforms such as TikTok. In addition, Hanania serves as a sponsor by showcasing apps, products and companies to his audience.  

Below are some of the partners and sponsors that Hanania actively works with:

NooWave Coffee

Hanania is an engaged influencer with NooWave coffee company. If you are interested in a coffee that will reduce your stress levels, you can use code “AaronH” to receive a 10% discount on your order from


YouNow is a free live streaming platform where various streamers share their talents with an engaging audience! Hanania is a member of the highly-exclusive YouNow partnership program. During his daily live streams on YouNow, he enjoys having personal interactions and conversations with his audience. He often takes song requests and sings some of his unreleased songs! You can click the link below to follow Aaron on YouNow.

Click here to follow Aaron on YouNow


Cameo is a well-known app in which celebrities record personalized videos for their followers. Hanania is honored to be featured on the app alongside names such as Floyd Mayweather, Alice Cooper, the cast of ‘The Office,’ and many other influencers. 

Click here to book Aaron on Cameo


Memmo is an app designed to bring influencers and their followers closer together. Hanania offers personalized videos for his audience on the app!

Click here to book Hanania on Memmo

Aaron would love to help you!

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