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Celebrity Social Media

Aaron Hanania specializes in providing social media for celebrities and public influencers.

His client list continues to grow with many well known actors and others aspiring to advance their recognition.

What I do is to help clients build and grow a stronger social media presence either expanding their existing social media presence or helping to launch one the define’s their personal objectives.

I help clients enhance their current social media presence to allow them to capture an active audience or to discover the boundaries of their audience.

The ultimate goal of my services is to help clients achieve their goals, whether it be monetizing or raising funds for charitable work, or, to promote a new venture that they are launching.

One of my specialties is viral marketing, which is the art of creating an energized, fast spreading campaign to help promote whatever endeavor the client seeks.

I do so through collaborative thinking, putting our heads together with no restrictions and with unlimited imagination to create, script and film the platform, usually video, or to create a series of videos designed to achieve a viral level of engagement.

Please contact Aaron if you need to expand your social media presence.

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